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Hockey Terms That You Need to Know

A lot of people think that a big reason why the popularity of hockey in USA is lower than in Canada is that hockey terms are not properly understood. If you do not understand commentary then you are probably not going to enjoy the game. While thinking about this we can clearly understand that common hockey terms need to be understood. Any sport in the world has a lot of terms that are specific and if you do not understand the basic ones you will not actually understand what is going on.

While everyone knows what a goal and an assist are, few understand an expression like “And the player passed the biscuit perfectly”. Biscuit is one term that simple means puck. Breakaways take place when players pass the opposition and are faced with a situation where open shots on goal are possible. Dangle comes next. If we see a player that has good stick handling skills he is described with the use of this term.

A fake in ice hockey is named Deking or Deke in most cases. Also, feeding is one term used to describe passing. For instance, “Marc fed Danny”. One very funny term is Five Hole. It is that open goal area that is locater right between the goalkeeper’s legs. Since we are talking about the goal you should know that terms like Roofed or Top Shelf refer to a top part of the net. If one player roofed the goal it means that he scored in that exact area.

Target is one common term that describes the goalkeeper. He will be using TWIGS, a term that simply means hockey stick. In the even that it is told that one player has Wheels then he simply has a high ice skating speed.

You will surely be faced with a much better experience in the case in which you do understand those hockey terms that are common. While there are many others that are used, these are definitely the most confusing for everyone. Do not be among those that are deceived and learn how to understand properly hockey terms.

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