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Womens Hockey Facts

Although you might not have realized it, we are faced with constant growing of womens hockey popularity. The truth is that we are in front of a sport that is believed to be reserved for men and women should not play it. In the last ten years we saw a 350% increase in the number of womens hockey players. Unfortunately the number of womens hockey pro leagues is a lot smaller than men hockey pro leagues. On the other hand, there are definitely more than most of us tend to believe.

We saw the first womens hockey player in 1970. It was then that Karen Koch signed a contract with Marquette Iron Rangers. The first Winter Olympics that had a womens hockey event was held in 1998. In the event we saw USA winning the gold medal, Canada the silver medal and Finland the bronze medal. Even if this does not happen often, there are several cases where women did play with men in the same teams. As an example, we saw Manon Rheaume as a goal keeper for the popular Tampa Bay Lightning team. There are actually many women that are included and did play in minor hockey leagues in North America.

The one big different between men hockey and womens hockey is the fact that you are not allowed to do any body checking. It was in 1990 that we saw body checking eliminated due to the physical superiority of Northern American women. Nowadays it is the referee that decides how serious a penalty must be given when body checking is seen. Also, it is required for women to always use full face masks. We do not see the fast pace and the brutality that men have in womens hockey but it is still growing a lot in popularity. It is expected to see an increased number of women playing in the future as this is one sport that does create an addiction for most people that try it.

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